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On average 81 % of customers and visitors will log into free guest wifi, but hotels don’t know how to leverage the data this connection unlocks.

Built for Hotels to collect physical visitor data, build loyalty and increase revenue

Start communicating and engaging with your visitors – on autopilot

Automated data collection

Use your existing WiFi and applications to create GDPR-compliant digital profiles based on the demographic and behavioral data of your physical visitors.

Automatic communication

Smart, automatic and hyper-targeted communication provides your customers with useful information and relevant offers, which result in greater customer satisfaction and increase revenue generation opportunities.


We’ve done all the hard work and made sure that all the customer data you collect thru your wifi structure is 100 % GDPR-compliant. On average 46 % of the people who logs in on your guest wifi will also accept marketing from you.

Build customer loyalty

With smart, automated campaigns you can engage your customers by communicating directly with them. Get more direct bookings (reduce OTA’s), get more reviews and increase revenue.

“We are very happy with Simp's service for automatic communication with our guests. In under a year, we've collected over 8500 unique GDPR-compliant customer profiles. We have set up automatic communication so guests will receive the right message at the right time. Our guests are better informed about our services. Giving a great customer experience increases customer loyalty. We focus on getting more direct bookings. Our automated campaigns delivered results that are more than 300% above the industry average.
We are really satisfied with Simp's ability and willingness to tailor and adjust towards our wishes and needs. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Simp.”

Sara JohanssonFreys Hotels, Stockholm Sweden

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