Before we started our collaboration with Simp there were a lot of unanswered questions in regard to the GDPR and how we were going to adapt to the new EU-legislation. Simp helped us build up our customer databases again, automatically and in record time. Additionally, we have enlisted the help of Simp’s Marketing team to tailor and produce the communication that goes out to our guests both during and after their stay. Simp’s systems also allow us to cross-market all our hotels through this marketing. We regard Simp as a valuable and long-term partner in helping us navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Their innovation and adaptability is of great value to us at Kronengruppen.

Therese Alberto

Sundvolden Hotel installed SIMP in mid-January 2019 and has received good follow-up and assistance along the way.
We chose to go for SIMP after the introduction of the GDPR and lack of guests to communicate to.
SIMP offers a number of opportunities and is a simple system for communication and sales up to guests both in advance and after a stay.
I recommend SIMP as it gives an added value for both us and our guests.
The undersigned can be contacted with questions about SIMP.

Silje Storvik
Hotel Manager,

We have used Simp’s system for over a year, and we greatly appreciate how the system works for us every day with the collection of customer data. The system considers the new GDPR regulations and the system communicates with our guests via automatic messages. Their experienced and professional marketing team helped us build the communications that goes out to our guests, as we didn’t have time to deal with it ourselves.

They produced templates, messages, and designs, and we reviewed. The suggestions for content and design were in line with our wishes so that there was little need for changes.

Torunn Todal Laberg
Head of Marketing,

After I started at Dr. Holms as a new hotel director, there were several things to get acquainted with, including SIMP and their technology. After a informing video meeting with their marketing department I could see the strengths and benefits of continue a collaboration with SIMP. They then presented and launched a strategy for automating communication with our guests, and activated the product with short delivery time. After just over one week we discovered value that follows from this

Håkon Olaus Asmundvaag
Hotel Director,

With Simp we simple and automatically collect GDPR approved customer data. In addition, we work closely with the Simps Marketing department, which produces, analyzes and optimizes all automatic communication to our guests both during and after their visit to PS: hotel. We are pleased with the results, and look forward to working with Simp in the years to come!

Ola Thorsen
Reception Manager,

With Simp, Gallariet`s customer club increased by 25% the first 36 days. Over the next 10 months, the customer club has more than tripled. Simp works seamlessly. Both we and our customers are satisfied with simp` solutions for collecting customer data at Galleriet. simp is also working well with our partners. We are very pleased with the cooperation and can recommend Simp and their team.

Hågen Solheim
Center Manager,

We installed Simp in a few weeks and the system has worked seamlessly for us and our customers. Through Simp, guests get easy online and we collect valuable information.With the help of Simp’s smart dashboard, we have made campaigns that regularly go out to our customers based on their visit history.

Patrick Mayr
Head of Marketing,

After installing Simp, we have built up an enormous customer database in record time. Through Simp, we can cleverly utilize customer data and effectively send our visitors relevant segmented information both during and after the visit, leading to higher customer satisfaction, resale/updale and more visits.

Bjarte Lunde
General Manager

Before we started cooperation with Simp, there were some unanswered questions related to the new legislation GDPR. Simp has shown good competence when it comes to GDPR, and has delivered smart and effective collection and handling tools in line with the new directive. After installing Simp, we have built up an enormous customer database in record time. Customer data has enabled us to personally communicate the communication to our guests. Simp was as easy to get started with as presented.

Roy Heggnes
Hotel Manager

Simp are automatically collecting valuable customer data from my guests. It works seamlessly and the software was easy to install. Simp’s Marketing team follows me closely and I use them for the production of promotions, but I’m always involved in the process so that everything complies with Nermo’s profile and our wishes.

Johannes Nermo

Mandelhuset has used Simp services a year. For us, it has been important that the system has been easy for both us and our guests, and that we can communicate automatically with our guests without requiring much work from us. Setting up Simp has helped us save time, get more visitors to our event and create more bookings for our company. Since we are both a destination restaurant as well as a venue for us local, it has been brilliant to automatically provide good information that will give our guests a better stay with us and at Tysnes. We now want to expand so that we can have Simp in our entire Harbour. We look forward to working with Simp in the years to come!

Patrick Madsen
Owner and General Manager,

After installing Simp, we received more than 5000 logins during the first 19 days. Simp moves all these logins to other media, such as websites and facebook. It provides great exposure for our events, news and promotions.


With Simp we can finally make campaigns based on our customer`s preferences. We can make relevant newsletter and campaigns based on customers behavior. This contributes to increase relevance and customer satisfaction. Simp has allowed us to build a comprehensive database in a short periode of time.


We are very happy with Simp’s service for automatic communication with our guests. In under a year, we’ve collected over 8500 unique GDPR-compliant customer profiles. We have set up automatic communication so guests will receive the right message at the right time. Our guests are better informed about our services. Giving a great customer experience increases customer loyalty. We focus on getting more direct bookings. Our automated campaigns delivered results that are more than 300% above the industry average.
We are really satisfied with Simp’s ability and willingness to tailor and adjust towards our wishes and needs. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Simp.

Sara Johansson

Freys Hotels, Stockholm Sweden

After installing Simp at Saga Hotels, our reception is able to handle guests` wishes and requests more effectively. Simp has made it easier for us to inform our guests about the hotel`s offers. We see, among other things, an increase in the number of guests who shows interest in the hotels`s restaurant and bar. Simp has been a helpful and friendly partner in data management that we wish to continue cooperate with.

Stian Opsalhagen

Hotel Director – Saga Hotels

We started useing Simp because we wanted to offer our customers a more modern and easier way to log in to Wifi for our customers and that made it easy for us to collect customer data. We have been using Simp for over a year and have collected a nice database that is GDPR compliant and easy to use for relevant campaigns to our guests. Simp has assisted us setting up many automatic communications. We have focused on digitalise the welcome messaging, implemented a strategi to get more reviews and specially being able to take ownership of our guests so they book directly on our homepage the next time they visit us.

Bårdshaug Herregård

We have been using Simp for over a year and they have assisted us if we needed technical help and with marketing. Their marketing team has set up, designed and created content for us and they have been great at following us up. We appreciate that they’ve been with us for all this time and offered their help when we are insufficient on time.

Fish & Cow

With help from Simp vi have gained control on GDPR and knows that everything we collect is aligned with that. We have also built up a database of customers that we can communicate with based on predefined triggers. Simp has even assisted us with creating automation in our communication with our guests so they always are updated and receives the latest offers. Simps marketing department was easy to work with and they created relevant messaging based on our wishes and delivered in short time.

Spoton Hotel & Sportsbar