Become a Simp partner

Enhance your product mix with our unique SaaS solutions.

Offer competitive advantage to your customers,
grow your revenues and help them grow their business.

Why we do partnerships

We create better customer experiences by providing best-in-class products,

and partner with those who do the same.

Our segments


Shopping Malls



Benefits for your customers

Collection of GDPR compliant 1st party data

Communicates with guests on autopilot

Over 400% times ROI than industry average

Higher online and physical traffic

Branded with customers visual profile

Open API

Benefits for our partners

Additional recurring revenue

Reduce churn

Stand out as a innovative market leader

Easy instalment

Minimum to no support after instalment is done

Includes Simps market support

How to become a Simp partner

Our partner program is tailored to companies that provide complementary products to common customers in our core industries. By becoming a part of our network, you will have the opportunity to profit from a high-growth technology market.

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