Go beyond GDPR

GDPR has improved the ways data are collected, stored and used. But we don’t think it’s not enough. Visitors demand and deserve greater control over their data than GDPR currently requires.

Simp’s fully GDPR-compliant solutions allow your visitors to manage their data preferences easily and in real time, making them more willing to share valuable information with you. This gives you a relevant, usable and compliant customer database for use in tailored communications.

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John DoeCEO - DNB

The implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has increased the complexity of collecting, storing, and using personal data. GDPR standardized pre-existing data privacy laws across Europe to ensure that individuals have greater control over their personal information. In Simp, we are glad for the privacy upgrade, since we belive the data collection should be voluntary and based on explicit consent. Our tools They monitoring and record explicit user consent to receive marketing, allow the user to determine what information has been collected, how it is used, and to take more control of it.
Increased data transparency often improved the quality of your customer database.

• Combination of “Active consent” and “legitime interests” as processing basis

• New “My page” portal, where end-user may access and amend all privacy rights

• Eight new “datachannels”, which connects processing basis and selfcare settings

• Upgraded information security, with decrypting of data without processing basis

• Upgraded Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and new Cookie Policy.
(20/05/18 and 20/03/19)

• Deactivation routines after 2 years and delete routines after 5 years

• Online accessible Data processing agreement (DPA) for all customers