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Create a digital customer journey for your visitors

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This tutorial contains tips and tricks for how you can create a digital customer journey that runs on autopilot – using Simp Solutions.

Example of 5 email automations you can set up to deliver a great experience for your visitors.

Save time and increase revenue

A digital customer journey saves time, communicates with your guests on their premises, provides practical information during stays that lead to resale (reduce OTA’s), get more feedbacks on Tripadvisor, Google and other review platforms and communicates relevant content after a visit.

Welcome communication

Setup with the Start Campaign function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. Now is often used here.

This email often contains practical information regarding the visitors stay.
  • Where and when is the breakfast served.
  • How can I reach my hotels concierge/customer service/reception.
    • Generates live chat solutions
    • Email communication
    • Phone
  • Practical information regarding their stay
  • The Hotels facilities, with redirects to more info online.
  • Any relevant partners.
  • Social media follow initiative.
  • Information of Bar, Restaurant, Lobby
  • Other facilities

Resale Communication

Setup with the Delay Function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. 2-8 hours is often used here.

This email often contains a highlighted item that the hotel wants to inform their guest.
Increase sales.
  • Increase guests using Hotels Facilities and services.
    • Bowling
    • Spa
    • Ski
    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Guided tours
    • Recommendations

Review and Feedbacks

Setup with the Delay Function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. 2-5 days is often used here. Choose a longer delay time if your guest often stays longer than 1-2 nights.

There are a few things that sell better that credible, positive reviews about your business. When review encouragement is sent at the right time to the right person, the recipient respond positively.
  • The email is simple, create more valuable reviews in your preferred channels.
    • Tripadvisor
    • Google Review
    • Facebook Review
    • Review
    • Review
    • Internal feedback solutions
    • And any other sites valuable for you.

OTA Reduction & Win Back

Setup with the Delay Function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. 2-3 weeks is often used here.

This email intends to invite the guest back and point out the benefits of direct booking.

Third party channels are very nice to promote the hotel and to get the first order. What this email helps with is to make sure that all repeat visits go directly to you, without 15-20% commission to the third party host.

We encourage our customers to give portions of profits saved on direct orders on gusts benefits that simplify and make the guest’s stay more comfortable.
  • Some examples of advances we know creates results is;
    • Free upgraded room (if available)
    • Early check in (if available)
    • Late check out (if available)
    • Discounts on hotels facilities
    • Discount on hotel room
    • Free breakfast
    • “Stay four nights with us and get the fifth for free”
  • And just reminding the gust that it is easier, cheaper and better to order directly
    • “Always best rates when booking through our website”
    • “No surprise fees when booking directly”

OTA, Winback and Partners

Setup with the Delay Function, and choose the time you want your guests to receive this communication. 2 months is often used here.

This email is intended to amplify the message in the previous e-mail.

Benefits of direct bookings are repeated and new content is added to the email to create an interesting and valuable announcement.

New content could include;

    • Partners of the hotel
    • Special partner deals
    • The hotel or areas story and uniqueness
    • Info about conferences to sell more
    • The hotels activities.

Expansion of the Customer Journey

Do you have even more exciting things to write about to your guests?
Feel free to add even more communications, sent in parallel.

Next communication may have 4 months delay.

Each campaign is set up seperately. Add one and one campaign, and when you have activated all five, your digital customer journey is complete. 
To get the best results, analyze your results and optimize if necessary.

Click here to learn how to activate each campaign.

If you need any help setting this up or optimizing your existing customer journey – fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.