Simp is a company that started out in Bergen / Norway in 2015 and the company’s vision is to be a game changer in hyper targeted marketing by collecting and using information that give benefits to shoppers, travelers and locals based on actual movement and buyer habits in physical spaces like shopping malls, retail and venues. The reason to why the company was started is because all consumers have from time to time got random marketing messages that means nothing to the buyers actual interests and shopping habits. This is what Simp is changing because we know that sending the right messages to the right receiver has a different feeling. With the tools technology today is opening up for combined with many companies doing the same marketing online and getting less for more money than before we have created solutions to opt-in to the physical spaces. This means that we can locate customers while they shop and move around and do marketing that’s accurate, measurable and increases hit-rate because you target customers based on interests, movement and visitinghistory.

The team in Simp AS work hard to deliver innovative and cutting edge technology to some of the largest business’s in Scandinavia We specialise in open API and integrations to existing user platforms that has millions of users as Facebook, Google, Booking systems, Wi-fi amongst others. And by using our open source software there is no need for big integrations or installations physically.

This is why you now can collect what you don’t in the customer traffic thats already there that we before could not reach out to. Our goal is to build solutions for your business so that everybody who has been in your location becomes a digital profile for you to do marketing on their actual consent and approval. Why buy marketing when you can own your marketing.

What we do

Simp’s solutions use a location’s existing data sources, such as WiFi infrastructure, apps, and other systems, to collect and analyze physical visitor information to provide venue managers with a more complete view of their visitors.

Many venue operators fail to take advantage of the sizable amounts of data their physical visitors produce. As a result, they must often rely upon “gut feeling” and intuition rather than data-driven insights to inform important business decisions. Valuable opportunities to improve visitor loyalty and drive revenue are left on the table.