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181720,- (SEK) in revenue from one email campaign

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Email marketing continues to deliver the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels including social media, paid search and direct mail. (Source)

Building a GDPR-compliant database for use in targeted-email marketing can be time consuming and challenging.

That’s why Simp has created a software solution that sits on top of existing WiFi systems, apps, booking system, or other data sources to collect high quality user data from your visitors – on autopilot.

By setting up a digital customer journey will give a great customer experience and keep your customers more loyal and engaged. So when you send them a good offer they are more likely to act upon it.

The collected profiles can be used in hyper-targeted marketing.  Segment your campaigns to provide your audience with the right message at the right time.

This results in a better experience for your visitors – they get receive more relevant content, which results in higher ROI for your email campaigns.

See the results of a recently sent campaign below.

Campaign Results

This one-time campaign was sent to a targeted group of profiles a single customer collected with Simp.

Emails sent




Avg. price pr booking


1594 / 98,4%

657 / 41,2%

118 / 7,5%


Revenue: 181 720,- (SEK)

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